Media release - issued 06 Jul 2021

Road closures for the Farnborough Half Marathon

There will be some road closures this Sunday (11 July) as runners take to the streets for the Farnborough Half Marathon.

The closures short-term closures run from 8am to midday and are at:

  • Elles Road (eastbound) - from Pinehurst Road to the Frank Whittle roundabout
  • Ively Road - from the Frank Whittle roundabout to the Cody Park roundabout
  • Kennels Lane - from Cody Park roundabout to the Ively Road roundabout
  • Ively Road - (westbound) from Kennels Lane to Fleet Road (Norris Hill roundabout) Ively Road and roundabout will be fully open by 10am
  • Fleet Road (westbound) - From Norris Hill roundabout to Clubhouse Road
  • Clubhouse Road (eastbound) - From Fleet Road to A325 Farnborough Road ramp (diversion in place)
  • Clubhouse Road (eastbound) along Alisons Road to Queens Avenue
  • Queens Avenue (northbound only) from the traffic lights to the military stadium (diversion in place)
  • Ramp onto A325 towards Farnborough (diversion in place)
  • Slip Road off A325 towards Aldershot to Alisons Road (diversion in place)
  • A325 Farnborough Road (northbound) one lane only - from the slip road to Forge Lane

Businesses on Farnborough Business Park, including Costa and Costco, will remain open for business as usual, along with Laser Run and Runabout in Armstrong Way.

Cove Road

There is a long-term road closure (work by South East Water) along the A3013 Cove Road towards Fleet, which will may impact Farnborough residents wishing to get to Fleet on Sunday morning.

If you are travelling from Farnborough, we suggest that you either follow the diversion from the South East water road closure works which will take you on the A30 (signposted) or take the A325 south towards Aldershot where you can get to Fleet via Tweseldown or the A323 running behind Potters Hotel.

After 10am, Ively Road will be open again giving direct access to Fleet. 

Further information about the event is available on the Farnborough Half Marathon website.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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