Media release - issued 09 Jun 2021

Cabinet gives green light to weekly food waste collections

Residents in Aldershot and Farnborough will get a new, greener, recycling and rubbish service from the autumn, with weekly food waste collections at the heart of it.

The new food waste recycling service was approved Rushmoor Borough Council's Cabinet on Tuesday (8) as the first step towards expanding what households can put out for recycling.

The move is part of the council's pledge to tackle climate change by making it easier for residents to recycle more and to cut waste and carbon emissions.

Alongside weekly food waste collections, residents will still get their fortnightly blue bin and glass recycling collections, fortnightly garden waste recycling for those that subscribe, and collection of their small electrical items and batteries for recycling.

The Cabinet heard that by weight, food waste makes up around 40% of the contents of green bins in Rushmoor. A further 27% is made up of items that residents can already recycle through the council's recycling schemes.

Therefore with food waste being collected in separate caddies, the council will also move to fortnightly collections of the remaining non-recyclable contents of the green rubbish bins. This is now normal practice, with around 85% of councils no longer providing a weekly collection service for non-recyclable rubbish.

At the moment, around one-third of households have smaller 140-litre green rubbish bins, so as part of the changes, they will be able to swap for a larger 240-litre bin, if they need to, when the new service comes in.

Councillor Maurice Sheehan, Rushmoor Borough Council's Cabinet member for Operational Services, said: "Residents have told us so often that they want to be able to recycle more, and weekly food waste recycling is something we can all do that's simple - and makes a real difference to the planet. 

"At the same time, we are also in discussions with Hampshire County Council about increasing the range of recycling we can collect as part of our blue bin recycling, so this is just the start."

The new food waste service will be introduced for most homes in the autumn and for households with shared bins from spring 2022, ahead of the government's 2023 target for all councils to have food waste collections.

It has been drawn up by a cross-party group of councillors, who have spent some months looking at the best way to introduce food waste collections and increase recycling in Rushmoor.

Under the new scheme, residents will get a kitchen caddy and a lockable outdoor caddy to store their food securely, along with information on the new service, tips on how to get the best out of food waste recycling and a roll of liners to get them started.

The food waste will be collected weekly for recycling to create renewable energy in the form of biogas, and soil fertiliser.

Councillor Sheehan added: "Currently, our household recycling rate is around 30%, which is now far behind many other areas and the forthcoming national target of 65% by 2035. Introducing weekly food waste collections and the other changes will increase household recycling to about 45%, reduce waste and importantly, cut our carbon emissions. Overall, we estimate that these changes will reduce our emissions by 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent a year - roughly the same as taking 1,000 average cars off the road - so it is the right thing to do for our families and for future generations."

Residents can find more information about the new service on our Food waste recycling and New recycling and rubbish collection service pages.








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