Media release - issued 05 Nov 2020

Council and police hold joint patrols to support pandemic restrictions

Increased town centre patrols by officers from Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire Constabulary have shown that most people and businesses are complying with coronavirus restrictions.

The patrols were stepped up in Aldershot and Farnborough following the recent sharp increase in infections across the country. 

The vast majority of individuals and businesses were found to be complying with the government restrictions. However, there were 23 interventions with people who were not wearing face coverings. Advice and support was offered and informal warnings given as appropriate.

Rushmoor Borough Council's Cabinet member for Operational Services, Councillor Maurice Sheehan, said: "It's great news to hear that we enjoy a high level of compliance with coronavirus restrictions in Rushmoor. Our residents and businesses really understand the importance of working together to protect our community. 

"With the number of positive cases rising, not only across our borough but the rest of Hampshire, I welcome these increased patrols to provide support and advice and help limit the spread of infection."

He added: "We have had a very positive response. Since the onset of coronavirus, we have been working with our local retailers, who have been very supportive of our messages. I walk through the town centres and almost every shop displays posters given by us to support them manage their own compliance and support their customers." 

Neighbourhood Inspector Kirsten Troman said: "These joint patrols with our council partners will continue. It has been heartening to see how the vast majority of retailers, businesses and public have been working together to keep the community safe. We will talk to people to explain the legislation and to encourage compliance but my team will enforce the Covid legislation if appropriate and proportionate to do so."

Under recent legislation, face coverings are now mandatory in shops and supermarkets, subject to certain exemptions, and the police have enforcement powers including issuing fixed penalty fines of up to £200 or prosecution.

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