Media release - issued 02 Aug 2019

Council in sponsorship link-up with car rental firm

Rushmoor Borough Council has agreed a major sponsorship programme with Enterprise Rent-A-Car worth £20,000 to support its major events in the coming year.

As one of Aldershot's largest employers, with operations extending across five floors of Victoria House, as well as a car rental branch on the Farnborough Road, Enterprise is keen to support the council's expanding events programme to benefit the local community. This important financial contribution will ensure the council can once more provide free admission to the Rushmoor Fireworks Spectacular at Manor Park in November. Enterprise will share branding on all council promotional materials.

Some of the other major events that will be supported by the sponsorship deal include the recent Armed Force Day celebrations in Aldershot town centre along with Playfest (3 August), the Aldershot Vintage Car Show (28 September) and the Princes Hall pantomime, Jack & the Beanstalk (December 6-31).

Founded in 1957, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is today a global business. In the UK, it operates more than 120,000 vehicles through a network of more than 470 branches.  In addition, Enterprise Car Club is an on-street network of more than 1,100 cars and vans offering immediate automated rental in 130 cities, towns and communities.

Enterprise provides hourly, daily and weekend rental for private or business use and often helps drivers after an accident with a replacement vehicle while their own car is repaired.

The company offers a wide range of mobility options across every type of vehicle from passenger models of any size, to electric cars and vans, performance and luxury cars and even specialised trucks and commercial vehicles.

Councillor David Clifford, the Leader of Rushmoor Borough Council, said: "This is a fantastic deal for the council and its residents and means we can continue to provide free admission to the Rushmoor Fireworks Spectacular and invest more funds in providing quality events in both our town centres. We are delighted to be working with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, a top employer in our borough with a strong national reputation, and we look forward to working with them on our major events programme." 

Chris Ashworth, Managing Director of Enterprise's ARMS Business Solutions, which operates from Aldershot, said supporting communities is central to the company's founding values:  "As one of the largest employers in the area, we were delighted to have the opportunity to support Rushmoor Borough Council by helping to fund this exciting programme of events. Giving back to the communities where we have branches and offices is one of our founding values. Our aim is to use this sponsorship as an opportunity to be more visible in the community and to ensure we're front of mind when people looking to work for a rapidly growing national business - or to rent a vehicle."

For more information on events in Aldershot and Farnborough please visit our Rushmoor events diary page.


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