Pay your council tax arrears

  1. If you’re struggling to pay your council tax or are behind with payments, we offer a number of options to help you. This includes spreading your payments over 12 months instead of the usual ten months, to reduce your monthly payments.

    You may be eligible for help with your council tax. For more details, visit our Council tax discounts page.

    If you don’t pay your council tax, we will take steps to recover the amount owing. For more details, visit our what happens if you don't pay your council tax page.

    If you would like help filling in this form, please email or telephone 01252 398912.

    Data protection: We will only use the information you give us for the purpose stated on the form.

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    4. Please bear in mind that you will need to clear the outstanding arrears by the end of the tax year.

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    6. We will contact you to set up your direct debit.

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    8. Please note: If you have received a court summons for the debt and the court has granted a liability notice, we may be able to deduct your arrears directly from your earnings or your benefits.

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    11. Do you have any other information about your council tax arrears that you would like to tell us?
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