Apply for an access protection marking

  1. Please complete this form to request an access protection marking outside your home.

    We can only paint access protection markings outside homes that already have a dropped kerb.

    If your markings have faded away and you would like them repainted, you will need to make a new application, by completing this form and pay the fee.

    You can find out more about this service on our access protection markings page.


    The cost of placing the marks on a single access is £175 (incl VAT) and there is a discounted charge of £215 (incl VAT) for markings across a double access – many neighbours share the cost.

    How long it takes

    We aim to process your application within ten working days. We will then phone you to arrange payment. Once we have received your payment, we normally paint the lines within 12 weeks.

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    1. Location

    2. Do you have a dropped kerb outside your home? *
    3. We can only paint access protect markings outside homes that already have a dropped kerb.

      You can find more details on Hampshire Country Council website on their how to apply for a dropped kerb page.

    4. Shared driveways

    5. If you have a shared access with a neighbour, the access protection line has to extend across the entire width of the dropped kerb.

    6. Do you have a shared drive with a neighbour? *
    7. You will need your neighbour's permission before applying for this service.

    8. Have you got your neighbour's permission for the marking to extend across the full length of the dropped kerb?*
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