Apply for a disabled parking bay

  1. If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to get to and from your car, you may qualify for a disabled parking bay outside your home.

    For more information please read through the disabled parking bays page before completing this application.

  2. You will have to meet all of the following criteria, before you can get a disabled parking bay:

    • Have a valid blue badge
    • Be the driver of the vehicle
    • Must not already have off-street parking or a garage
    • Intend to remain at your address

    To provide you with a disabled parking bay, we have to follow a statutory legal process, so it could take up to 12 months for the bay to be installed.

    Once you have submitted this form, we will check through it and arrange to visit you at the property. This will be to discuss the location of the bay and to check your driving licence and blue badge.

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    1. Are you a registered disabled person holding a ‘blue badge’? *
    2. You will need to have a blue badge before you can apply for a disabled parking bay. For more details and to apply, please see the Hampshire County Council – Blue Badge web pages.

    3. Are you the regular driver of the vehicle intending to use the bay being applied for? *
    4. Are you constantly unable to park near your home because of the area being heavily congested with parked vehicles? *
    5. Do you have a driveway or other off-street parking facilities? *
    6. Are you intending to remain at your address? *
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