Make a complaint against a councillor

  1. If you feel a councillor has broken any of the rules in the Code of Conduct for Councillors you can fill in this form and complain to our monitoring officer.

    If you would like help filling in the form, please contact or telephone 01252 398399.

    Your details

  2. 1. Please tell us your name and contact details.

  3. Label
    1. We will not usually release your address and contact details unless necessary or to deal with your complaint.

      However, we will tell the following people that you have made this complaint:

      • The councillor(s) you are complaining about
      • Our Monitoring Officer

      We will tell them your name and give them a summary of your complaint. We will give them full details of your complaint where necessary or appropriate so they can deal with it. If you have serious concerns about your name and a summary, or details of your complaint being released, please complete section 5 of this form.

    2. 2. Please tell us which complainant type best describes you: *

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