Community asset nomination

  1. Nominate a building or land of local importance to the register of assets of community value.

    Once we have received your completed form, we will look over your nomination, ask for information from the owner and ward councillors and will decide if it is an asset or not.

    This process lasts up to eight weeks. Please visit our Community right to bid web page for more information.

  2. Privacy notice

  3. About your organisation

  4. Label
    1. A1 Organisation’s name and address

    2. A2 Contact details

    3. A3 Type of organisation

    4. Type: *
    5. A4 Number of members registered to vote locally

      (unincorporated bodies only)

      In the case of an unincorporated body, at least 21 of its individual members must be registered to vote locally. If relevant, please confirm the number of such members. If they are registered to vote in the area of a neighbouring local authority, rather than in Rushmoor, please confirm which area that is.

    6. A5 Local connection

      In addition, your organisation must have a local connection, which means that its activities are wholly or partly concerned with the administrative area of Rushmoor Borough Council or a neighbouring local authority. In some cases this will be obvious, eg. a neighbourhood forum for an area within Rushmoor, or an organisation whose activities are confined to the Borough. If it is not obvious, please explain what your organisation’s local connection is.

    7. A6 Distribution of surplus funds

      (certain types of organisation only)

      If your organisation is an unincorporated body, a company limited by guarantee, or an industrial and provident society, its rules must provide that any surplus funds are not distributed to members, but are applied wholly or partly for the benefit of the local area (ie. within the administrative area of Rushmoor or a neighbouring local authority). If relevant, please confirm that this is the case, and specifically to which area this applies.

    8. A7 More about your organisation

    9. A8 Your organisation’s rules

      Please send us the relevant type of document for your organisation. Memorandum and Articles of Association (for a company), Trust Deed (for a trust) or Constitution and/or rules (for other organisations).

    10. Do you have your organisations rules to upload? *

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