Media release - issued 22 Mar 2017

Council to consider exciting proposals for Aldershot indoor pools and Lido

Rushmoor Borough Council's Lido Review Working Group is to recommend to the Cabinet that the council explore the possibility of building a new Aldershot indoor pools complex with better links to a much-improved outdoor Lido.

Artist’s impression of what the new pools and Lido complex could look like Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowThe exciting proposals would see a large heated outdoor pool, flumes and children's splash pad created on the existing Aldershot Lido footprint.

The current indoor pools would be replaced with a new pool and training pool, fitness gym, dance studio and café that would serve both the indoor and outdoor facilities.

There would also be an all-year adventure golf facility provided in the Guildford Road grounds.

If the Cabinet agrees to the recommendation, the council will explore if the new build and improvements are financially viable by seeking a partner to help design, build, operate and fund the new facilities.

The aim would be for the pools and activities to appeal to a wider range of people, particularly families and with a longer season, to encourage more users.

Councillor Bruce Thomas, Chairman of the cross party working group, said: "This is an exciting time for Aldershot and if affordable, we think these new facilities will be popular with our residents and visitors. We will be asking the Cabinet to seek interest from partners to develop and run them at no additional cost to the council.

"We recognise that we need to improve the Lido to increase usage and reduce the subsidy. The working group has listened to residents and worked with the Friends of the Aldershot Lido and we believe a heated outdoor pool with a wider range of attractions will be really popular. We will also make sure that the heritage of the Lido is promoted as part of any new development.

"In addition, the Aldershot indoor pools are more than 40 years old and reaching the end of their life. A new facility will attract more users and be cheaper to operate."

Councillor Thomas added: "We are grateful for the ideas and support from residents and the Friends of the Aldershot Lido and believe this will provide an exciting opportunity to make better use of the site.

"I would also like to thank the members of the working group, Councillors Sheehan, Roberts, Corps, Newell and Crawford, for their involvement to develop these proposals."

Councillor Jennifer Evans, Chair of the Friends of Aldershot Lido, the group dedicated to conserving, supporting promoting and enjoying the Aldershot Lido outdoor pool and grounds, said: "I was delighted to hear about the exciting proposals for the Aldershot Lido, involving a new indoor pool complex with a cafe, a heated outdoor pool, flumes and a shallow area for children, a splash pad, and adventure golf.

"We in FOAL join with the council's Lido Working Group in commending this vision to the Cabinet of Rushmoor Borough Council."

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