Coning off streets for cleaning 2017

Find out if we need to cone off your street when we clean it.

We have to cone off some of our streets that have lots of parked cars to make sure that our crews can clean them.

Please check to see if your street is listed in the table below. If it is, please do not park on the road on that day.

We also send out reminder leaflets to residents before their street is due to be coned off.

StreetTownDate that street is coned off
Abbey WayFarnborough6 February
Albert Road (Canterbury Road to Alexandra Road)Farnborough25 September
Albert Road (Alexandra Road to A325)Farnborough20 February
Aldwick CloseFarnborough22 March
Alexandra Road (Cambridge Road to Q/E Drive)Aldershot1 August
Alexandra Road (Farnborough Road to Cambridge Road)Aldershot25 July
Alison WayAldershot23 May
Avondale RoadAldershot25 October
Brockenhurst RoadAldershot11 October
Busk CrescentFarnborough27 October
Cambridge RoadAldershot14 March
Cargate AvenueAldershot24 January
Cavendish RoadAldershot5 July
Chingford AvenueFarnborough22 May
Chrismas AvenueAldershot28 June
Church Lane East (Church Hill to Elston Road)Aldershot21 February
Church Lane East (Grosvenor Road to Church Hill)Aldershot14 February
Church RoadAldershot26 September
Closeworth RoadFarnborough1 February
Coleman RoadAldershot6 September
East Station Road (Including rail paved area)Aldershot28 March
Eland RoadAldershot15 November
Elms RoadAldershot15 February
Fowler RoadFarnborough30 June
Goodden CrescentFarnborough13 October
Gravel RoadFarnborough1 February
Grosvenor Road (Lysons Road to Church Lane East)Aldershot8 February
Guildford Road EastFarnborough18 September
Guildford Road WestFarnborough14 August
Herrett StreetAldershot28 February
Highgate LaneFarnborough30 October
High Street (Peabody Road to Camp Road)Farnborough30 January
Holly Road (Augustine's Close to North Lane)Aldershot21 June
Holly Road (Belle Vue Road to St Augustine's Close)Aldershot14 June
Holly Road (Redan Road to Belle Vue Road)Aldershot7 June
Institute RoadAldershot22 February
Keith Lucas RoadFarnborough22 September
Kings RoadAldershot13 June
Lansdowne RoadAldershot4 July
Lower Newport RoadAldershot10 May
Lysons RoadAldershot8 March
Marrowbrook Lane (Hazel Avenue to Weir Avenue)Farnborough11 August
Marrowbrook Lane (Weir Avenue to Victoria Road)Farnborough18 August
Morris Road and High Street (To Peabody Road)Farnborough2 October
Netley StreetFarnborough23 January
Northbrook RoadAldershot4 October
Old Lynchford Road (station end)Farnborough9 October
Osborne Road (Cross Street to block end)Farnborough11 September
Osborne Road (Lynchford Road to Netley Street)Farnborough21 August
Osborne Road (Netley Street to Cross Street)Farnborough4 September
Park Road (Lynchford Road to Queens Road)Farnborough13 March
Park Road (Queens Road to Reading Road)Farnborough20 March
Peabody Road (Queens Road to Reading Road)Farnborough15 May
Perowne StreetAldershot20 June
Queens Road (Grosvenor Road to York Road)Aldershot22 August
Queens Road (York Road to Sandford Road)Aldershot7 February
Queens Road (Peabody Road to Park Road)Farnborough6 March
Reading Road (Alexandra Road to Canterbury Road)Farnborough3 April
Reading Road (Alexandra Road to Farnborough Road)Farnborough13 November
Reading Road (Sycamore Road to Canterbury Road)Farnborough27 March
Sandford RoadAldershot3 October
Sebastopol RoadAldershot5 April
Shakespeare GardensFarnborough9 June
Somerset Road (even numbers)Farnborough31 July
Somerset Road (odd numbers)Farnborough24 July
Southampton StreetFarnborough27 February
Southmead RoadAldershot1 November
St. Georges Road (top end)Aldershot11 April
St. Georges Road (lower end)Aldershot25 April
St. Georges Road EastAldershot12 April
St. Joseph's RoadAldershot26 April
St. Michael's Road (lower end)Aldershot16 May
St. Michael's Road (top end)Aldershot9 May
Stone StreetAldershot28 February
The Warren / Cargate HillAldershot8 August
Upper Elms RoadAldershot7 March
Upper St Michaels RoadAldershot27 September
Waterloo RoadAldershot13 September
Winchester StreetFarnborough8 May
York Road (even numbers)Farnborough24 July
York Road (odd numbers)Farnborough31 July
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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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