Mobile phone masts

Find out about plans for new mobile phone base stations in Rushmoor. Get information about mobile phone emissions and their effect on health.

There are more than 80 million mobile phones in use in the UK and these need base stations (sometimes called masts) in order to work.

Find out about mobile and mast emissions.

New mobile base stations

Every autumn, the Mobile Operators Association (MOA) sends us a copy of plans for new and existing base stations in Rushmoor. These come from the main four UK mobile network operators:

  • Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange and T-Mobile)
  • Telef√≥nica (O2)
  • Three
  • Vodafone

View the pdf icon Annual roll-out plan 2015-16 [84kb].

We publish this information so that you can be involved in discussions over the location and design of equipment, before planning applications are submitted to us. The information provided by the MOA shows general areas for new equipment sites, not specific locations.

'Mobile networks: what they are and how they work'

'Mobile networks: what they are and how they work' explains the main factors for why base stations need to be sited where they are. It has been produced in part to accompany the code of best practice on mobile network development (2013) (see below), which provides guidance to mobile network operators, their agents and contractors, and to local planning authorities.

Code of practice

The mobile phone network operators, central and local government and the MOA have put together a Code of best practice on mobile phone network development. This outlines how they will communicate their plans for new base stations and consult with local people.

Government advice

The government is responsible for any decisions on measures to protect public health in relation to phone masts. The planning system is not the place to determine health safeguards.

Proposed new masts only need to meet the international guidelines for public exposure (as recommended by the Stewart Group).

We cannot implement our own precautionary policies, such as not allowing phone masts near schools.

Other planning considerations

We recognise the public concern over base stations.

We will make sure that proposals for new base stations are advertised, in the same way as any other planning application.

We will:

Health advice on using mobile phones

The Department of Health has a useful leaflet on health and mobile phones.

Contact details

William Comery, Community Affairs Manager

Peter Foster, National Planning & Acquisition Manager

Brian Truman, National Planning Manager

Everything Everywhere
John Carwardine, Community Affairs Manager

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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