Media release - issued 04 Jul 2017

New wildflower meadows for Rushmoor

Nature lovers can now enjoy two new wildflower meadows in the grounds of Aldershot Crematorium and in Queens Road recreation ground in North Camp.

The projects were the idea of the Rushmoor Urban Wildlife Group (RUWG) and funded by two grants worth £5,000 from the Farnborough airport community environmental fund. The largest of the two meadows, at the crematorium, is 150 square metres in size and is next to a number of beehives managed by local beekeepers. Both meadows will provide a rich nectar source for the bees.

Councillor Martin Tennant, Rushmoor Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Service Delivery, said: "We were delighted to support this project by helping RUWG to plant the meadows on council land. The wildflower meadows are made up of perennial native wildflowers, which are now providing a colourful and changing display from spring to autumn every year for our residents to enjoy.

He explained: "The meadows complement our biodiversity strategy to improve wildlife habitats in the borough and will help the bee populations which have shown a dramatic decline in recent decades.  Bees depend on flowers for food and changes in agricultural techniques in the UK have meant that 97% of our flower-rich grassland has disappeared since the 1930s."

The wildflower meadows have 32 native perennial plant species including the common poppy, corn chamomile, cornflower and field scabious, many of which have bloomed already.

The RUWG, made up of enthusiastic volunteers, and supported by council, has been improving habitats throughout Rushmoor for over 15 years.

Anyone who would like to get in involved can visit the Rushmoor Urban Wildlife Group website or email

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